In spite of the corona pandemic we continue to offer all our products for Oboists and Bassoonists.
Please visit our Shop for all your requirements: we stock fantastic cane, tools, accessories and finished reeds.


Attention instrument teachers - essential protection against coronavirus!

Disinfection-Spray for reeds and mouthpieces from Rieger:

highly effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. 


respiratory masks

Our range of protective respiratory masks is now even cheaper.

In addition to the FFP1 masks, we offer masks in the higher protective category FFP2 in a standard and a comfort version.

Our Brochure (in German) lists the different categories of protection. Most importantly, FFP1 is intended to protect other people, whereas FFP2 is also intended to protect the wearer.

If you have questions about the highest category FFP3 mask, or would prefer to order directly from us instead of using our webshop, please Email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or telephone +41 79 200 0286.

The prices in our webshop are given in Euros. In Swiss Francs they are as follows:

FFP1 masks, delivered in boxes of 50 at Fr14.50 per box
FFP2 masks, new price Fr 20.55 per bag of 10 masks
FFP2 masks comfort version Fr 4.95 each, minimum order 10 masks