Our Oboe reedsOboe reeds


For students:

Economic:  Ideal for pupils, who need a good reed at a very reasonable price. All reeds tested and playable. Some adjustment may be necessary (to lighten the attack and blowing pressure). We guarantee that each reed is carefully made and will work.


Ecostar:   Ecostar Reeds are based on the Economic, but are all further tested and divided into the strengths SoftMedium-soft and Medium.


For Professionals and demanding amateurs:

Magic:   The Magic Reed is a professional Oboe reed, built on Chiarugi staples with carefully selected cane from oboes.ch. With some light finishing of the sides and tip, they are playable straight away. Many good oboists appreciate the Magic Reeds, because they can finish them according to their taste with their own "Magic touch" - simply Magic!

Our own professional line-up of reeds
is now available in a range of shapes and strengths.

oboes professional AM: Albrecht Mayer model. Thanks to our years of experience, we can build a reed that is preferred by many professionals and amateurs alike. This reed has a round, dark sound and medium to strong resistance with flexibilty of dynamics and articulation.

oboes.ch professional RC12: shaped according to Le Roseau Chantant 12. Light, flexible reed, open in the top register and light to blow.

oboes.ch professional RC13: shaped according to Le Roseau Chantant 13. With more resistance than RC12, this reed has a darker sound.