Our Bassoon reedsFagottrohre




Handmade reed for the most demanding players. If you prefer a beautiful dark, German sound, then this is the reed for you Each reed is carefully tested and is available in Soft and Medium. There can be delivery delays for ZürichArt reeds.



Ideal for orchestral playing and for bassoonists who prefer a less open reed.  Beautiful soft tone. 



Crafted with the Thunemann shape, the Munich reed is suitable for players who prefer a lighter reed. Light attack in all registers, easy blowing. Available in Soft and Medium.


The classical Italian reed: open, dynamic sound, great for soloists.  Since the death of Prof. Ovidio Danzi, these reeds are made according to his preferences by one of his erstwhile students.


Thunemann Prestige

Based on the very popular Porto reed, we make a reed with the legendary Thunemann shape: the result is a dark, German-sounding reed that is nevertheless light to blow. Try this reed: you will be thrilled!